Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey, winter is coming fast.....the days are shorter and shorter.  It is getting dark around 5 with the shadow over the mountain covering the lodge around 3 every day.  Kinda cozy but still would be nice if we'd get some snow!!! The Saints are loving the cold.  They romp for hours.
Hendrix did very well at his "training " school at the prison.  I highly recommend the program
He spent a month in 24/7 handling with a prisoner.  He came out like a new dog.
Of course St Bernards are a very independant breed as it is, but he truely is a wonderful, protective,gentle giant.  I'll not have any other breed, even with the drool and short life span.  This dog comes closer to human understanding than any I have been around. 
Enough is good.  We survived the fires and the floods and now are looking forward to a wonderful winter with a great year ahead.
Via con Dios....
The crew at the Lodge,
Check out our new endeavor.....Caps and Quilts, a custom quilting and embroidery service.   up and running soon.

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